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The Skidmore Shop is proud to offer Herff Jones Cap and Gowns made of 100% recycled materials for commencement regalia.

What Will Your Legacy Be?

It is our obligation to leave this world better than we found it. This drives us to think differently and change our ways. Although the decisions are not always easy and the right choices are often not clear, we strive to do our best.
We invite you to join Herff Jones and Skidmore on a journey to greater environmental responsibility with the Renew Gown Recycling program. With this program you will be making an important difference for your school and the larger community. Now, that’s the legacy worth leaving.                                     

Environmental Responsibility

  • Herff Jones caps and gowns are made of 100% recycled materials.
  • For every Renew gown made, 29 bottles are saved from the landfill.
  • The recycle program will give fabrics a second chance by recycling them back into Repreve® Fibers.
  • These fibers will then be used to manufacture new Renew caps and gowns for future graduates.
  • Give back with the Repreve program- enter the code FUTURE and choose your cause.

As easy as 1-2-3:

  • Walk in a Herff Jones Renew gown at graduation.
  • Drop your Renew gown in a Herff Jones recycle bin located at the Skidmore Dining Hall and The Skidmore Shop after commencement.
  • Automatically benefit other sustainable causes and be happy knowing that you made a positive choice towards sustainability of your planet.

Be sure to check out more sustainability products and efforts at


Two very easy ways to purchase your cap and gown with pick up at The Skidmore Shop

1) The simplest way is to just walk into the Skidmore Shop and pick up your cap and gown anytime during normal business hours starting Monday, April 14th.

2) If you can't make it to The Shop, don't worry, you can order your cap and gown on-line by clicking here and then stop into The Skidmore Shop anytime after April 14th to pick up your cap and gown using your order number.  Please note that cap and gowns will not be shipped.  They are pick up only.

For more information on 2014 Commencement, please click here.